The Truth About Premade Fans

Posted by Kaylee Nguyen on

There are so many controversial topic surrounding pre made fans. Many lash artists don't believe in premade fans.

  • They believe premade fans are pre glued and will be too heavy for the natural lashes.
  • The base of the fans are flat and not thin and beautiful like the handmade.
  • Premade fans can't be wrapped around the natural lashes which can cause poor retention.
  • They are not customizable.
  • That's cheating if you use premade fans.
  • Premade fans can damage the natural lashes.

I have taken many lash courses to learn different way of making volume fans. Eventhough I can make perfect fans everytime. I am still sometimes get frustrated with fans being closed due to the humidity of the room and glue doesn't work right. As a lash artist, we want to provide the best natural lash set and still save the integrity of the clients natural lashes.

The eyelash industry is constantly growing and so does premade fans. I have seen our industry growing from clusters lashes to premade fans, promade fans and crystallized fans. Its not feasible to do a full set in 2-3hours. Many clients are tired after one hour of lying down. Clients want quality, competitive rate and quick services with the same high quality lashes.

After researching for the right premade fans. I've realized there are many companies falsely advertise promade fans and handmade fans only to discover they Do Not create their own fans by hand. All of these fans are mass produced heat bonded and glued fans. The base of these fans are too thick for the natural lashes.

I have services thousands of clients and have spend many years of making my own fans and watch it wrap around the natural lashes. I have different expectations on premade fans than someone with no prior experience. 

After all the frustration with premade fans. But still see the needs for premade fans. I have decided to manufacture my own premade and promade fans. Each of our fans are handmade by professional lash artists. The base are very thin. The material of the lashes provide great retention. My goal is to change the lash industry by providing the best quality premade fans.

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