Lashes make everything better.

Posted by Kaylee Nguyen on

How are you all doing? I Hope everyone are doing well!!!! Its been a rough 3 months since the shutdown of our country due to the corona virus. I still couldn't believed everything that happened. It seems so surreal!!! My emotions have been a mix of sad, anxiety, nervous, and isolated. However, I've tried to stay positive and using this time to reflect. Spending more time with my kids and learning each of their personalities.

As I am watching some small businesses around me open their door again, some are still remaining closed and some had to closed their door permanently. Most of us are nervous of what it would look like and what we can do to keep our customers and employees safe. With businesses closing and people being laid off in record numbers. With emotions running high and people feeling tense. It is so important we can all be kind to each others and not judging as we don't know everyones' situation. You may not be able to solve your friend's problem. But knowing you care can means a lot to them. We will come out of this and we will be stronger than ever. Have a Happy Monday everyone!!!! Sending lots of love, hugs and kisses your way 💗